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Home Bazaar Frequently Asked Questions

Home Bazaar birding products are both decorative and fully functional.

All of our pieces are designed for outdoor use and satisfy requirements of the most stringent birding enthusiasts.

Our birdhouses feature:

  • removable back walls for easy cleaning;
  • ventilation;
  • drainage;
  • unpainted interiors; and
  • hole openings (excluding Purple Martin and bluebird houses) designed to accommodate common cavity dwellers such as Wrens, Finches, Chickadees, Nuthatches and Titmice.

The feeders will attract all types of wild birds.

Our houses and feeders are constructed of:

  • Exterior grade ply-board for the walls, floor and underlying roof board;
  • Kiln-dried hardwoods, pine and poly-resin for the details;
  • Western Red Cedar or Pine shingles for the roof; and
  • Outdoor, non-toxic paint.

Our products are organized within four lines or series.

Signature Series
Our Signature Series feature our largest and most elaborately decorated pieces. Topped with rich, western red cedar shingled roofs, these houses and feeders can be paired with a Signature Pedestal.

Classic Series
The Classic Series range of Houses and Feeders are medium sized pieces that feature pine shingled roofs. These designs have all of the qualities of our "Signature" line and most come equipped with a mounting bracket.

Fledgling Series
Our moderate price point; these smaller houses and feeders have all of the birding enthusiast requirements; removable back walls, drainage, ventilation, unpainted interiors and a 1 opening.

Nestling Series
Our opening price point; our smallest, but still fully functional assortment of birdhouses and birdfeeders in a variety of new colors. These items are available in 8 Piece Pre-Packs containing two selling units in each of four colors.

Historic Reproductions
Replications of famous buildings re-created as functional birdhouses and birdfeeders make these garden accents whimsical heirlooms.

Our pedestals are constructed of exterior grade ply-board, kiln-dried hardwood and exterior grade, non-toxic paint.

Pedestals are to be placed on a flat, dry surface such as stone or cement. They should not be placed directly on grass or dirt. We may suggest a base of pressure treated wood be put beneath the underside of the pedestal footing or base and then secure the bottom of the pedestals to the platform.

We have not used any chemicals or sealants that can be harmful to wildlife. Should you wish to preserve the products finish, you should select a polyurethane product that is recommended for marine use and UV rated that will not discolor the paint.

With time, all of our products will need to be refinished when left outdoors. The shingles (cedar) will patina to a silvery color and the piece will become weathered and distressed, but continue to maintain its functionality.

The product is made in China.

We have been shipping our line for 12 years.

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